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    Smart and ecological  roof for public service bycicles that adapts to actual urban furniture.

    Finance required: 1000€

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    Product description:


    Ebkle is about a smart ecological  roof for public service bicycles that adapts  to the actual urban furniture, using the most quantity of ecological materials as possible; for that we have tried to solve this in a way that the designed roof is fed through solar panels set over the roof top providing completely while feeding it.


    It's equipped with two informative screens  and a advertising one, these will explain with detail, a seat for the users, the possibility to integrate lighting, etc.





    The use of this roofs offer a public service, giving the opportunity to incorporate  healthy habits to an ecological roof of urban surroundings. This way the population is aware of the environment.


    The user will activate the bicycle through the use of touch screens that offer, onces it's been activated will be used to enjoy the service during the maximum duration of 2 hours. Once the time has passed it will be possible to deposit in the Ebkie closest point.


    Public target:


    The market is aimed for the use of our product is very wide, now that we are talking about a public service structure.


    It is destined to every person who wants to use this service. Studies prove, that this activity, is mostly aimed to young and dynamic people, with urban soul.



    Beatriz Combarro Souto

    Irene Cotelo Barral

    Sofía Cuba Rebolo

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