Luxury capsule for planes


Finance required: 1000€

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Product description:

The new concept pretends to place the relaxing cabin of a plane to the stress and uncomfortability that can come with travelling. As a creative group we could not let the opportunity go of designing for this travelling elite, so the concept went further tha just a simple massage seat. The relaxing and comfortable "continuous" surrounding, so, the comfort of this plane seat  is restricted to the interior of the lane, the experience offered begins in the in the waiting space (Bussiness room) on the ground where in the zones or individual relaxing capsules are the user is under the same circumstances and ambiance as the one capsule inside the plane, avoiding the stress that traveling can be.

The object is to introduce the user to the best experence during the flight, from minute zero of his/her trip.


Detail of the uses and functions:


1- Opening system of the door.

2- Baggage placement.

3- Magazine compartment

4- Folding seat.

5- Cooling system for beverages.

6- Swinging table.


Public target:

Potential plane travellers, people who live a stressed life and want a relax, comfortable unique sensation when flying.

People who belong to a a high  acquisitive power, and those who always seek for the best comfort and luxury.



Carmen Blanco Tilve

Damián Calvo Tomé

Juliana Esquivel Rengifo

Giselle Jonte Beceiro

Salvador Rus Sánchez


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