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Is a coffee table made in honor of those reading lovers.


Finance required: 1000€

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Product description:


Home furniture, as a coffee table; this same model can be used wherever to create an intimate and familiar ambiance, not only at home, but bars, hotels, etc.




The principal functions of this table are not different of those of any other.

-It can be used to eat, read or to write.

Furthermore, of all this, the basic characteristic of any type of table, our concept offers the comfort, as long as we are close to it, no matter the time we will have the books, notes or newspaper we need or want to read.

They can be used at anytime, the only thing we have to do is to pull the inferior molding to make it rotate until the book we wish is located next to the opened part of the side of the table.

Once we have the book, at this point we just have to grab it.


Public target:

It has a very wide public, but, the main focus are those users that feel certain passion for reading, for those who wish to have that special part of the house to get away from the daily routine.



Sonia Marqués Titos




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