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This is a stand that has the ability to transport and assemble easily.


Finance required: 1000€

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Product description:

This stand is thought for exhibitions, fairs and ephimeral events. This means, that the product is destined to translate with its owner through the different events.


Uses and characteristics:


The folding and unfolding of the stand will have to be able to be done in an easy and quick way, in order to be taken with the minimum help required. For this, the encases of the pieces will have to be reliable and light and capable of being managed by just one person if needed.


To improve the transport and storage, the size of the pieces compose the final product will be the smallest possible, always considering technicalities (stress, effort, etc.). for this reason, specially for the structure, the materials that cover these aspects wil be chosen considering weight and volume.


For the cover, lightness is important to have an effective packaging, a fabric cover is the option considered for the easy handle, folding and storage. At the same time a"case" will also serve to store all the loose pieces and transport the stand. Taking advantage of the configuration and size, there is the choice also that this transport case, once it has been unmounted, it will serve has a suplementary element for the stand. This way, the structure of the case, will be mounted over the trailer to improve the mobility, there will be needed elements in a stand like a counter or a display in poster format.


Target public:


Given the activity destined for this product, the buyers interested will be mandatorily, people or societies/companies/corporations/foundations that have something to show or sell. Therefore, in this group of fair items  are (clothes, colectionists, complements, etc), political associations (campaings), health care associations (Red Cross); all the interested on the private use of the product; but also, City Halls, foundations, museums or malls that have spac dedicated for exhibitions or sales events.




Jorge Fernández Sordo

Bruno Galán Adega

Raúl González Barreiro

Eduardo Lamas Guerrero

Damián Rodriguez Méndez

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