A propelled bycicle.

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Product description

This product of sport-leasure arises from the idea of creating an amusement way for kids that will prevail in time at the same time, it will in some how useful  to excersise in a very natural and original way.


The propulsion mechanism is a novelty applied to the world of the bycicle, even though some model exists already in the market, not focused this way and not with this particular design.


The name is "Stepping-Bike", and comes from the mechanism that makes it function, the mechanism based in the step machines from the gym, that rate of pedaling so characteristic gives the user a unique experience riding a bycicle.


Like structural innovative elements that are composed of a propulsion system imitating those unique step machines, some pedals with the appearance of a step, a box of aluminum tubes, a break wireless system and a compartment situated underneath the chair.


Uses and functions


Is a product of frequent use, not only for the summer nor for hanging out only, is for daily use to use it as a transportation means, or to go for a ride with friends or simply play around the neighborhood.




The target public to whom this product is directed are kids in between 7 to 12 years old.

It's about families with some acquisitive power and kids that use to play in parks and surroundings with their friends, who go to class and practice some sport sporadically or in some team.


The target public also use the bycicle as an amusement mean or ocasionally as a transport mean n short distances.




Alberto Lago Aneiros



Guillermo Pita Gómez

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