MediCal is a automatic medicine dispenser that can be programmed by the user or any family member.

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Product description:


MediCal: medicine dispenser and medical control system.

MeiCal is an automatic medicin dispenser that can be programmed by the user or a family member, facilitating the medicine supply during the weekat a programmed time.

It incorporates wristband that allows USB connection with the device and the blood pressure of the user. This wristband includes a vibrating system that announces the ill individual that the medicine has been supplied in case the person is not close to the device.

MediCal also keeps a record of the dispensed medicines and the blood pressure measurements made, so that this information can be transmitted to a storage  USB device so it can be shown to the  doctor in charge.


Uses / functions:


MediCal includes:

- Information Display: It allows the reading of the blood pressure information and the record of the dispensed medicine, as well as the device configuration.

- Control buttons: They facilitate the displacement through the software of the device.

- Dispenser: space where the medicine is supplied at the previous set time.

- Emergency slider: provides, if needed, an annoucement to the mobile phone facilitated by a contact with the user.

- Blood pressure wristband: It not only allows blood pressure measurement, it also counts with a vibrating system that announces at the moment that the medicine has been supplied.

- Internal dispenser mechanism: formed with three plates and eight containers each one (one of which is hollow). This is is set so that in each container of the same plate,  medicine of a different day of the week is dispensed, while the number of plates allows providing  medicine at three different times during the day.



People with the need of taking medicine daily and/or contro of blood pressure.




Fernando Montero Barro

Technical Engineer of Industrial Design prepared to develop and manage design projects integrated to a production system and market, through idea generation, new product development and new production ideas approach and the fabrication with a product launching vision.

Previous collaboration on design projects such as SEAT, S.A (2010-2011) and SFX Technologies (2009-2010).


Lucía Gómez Vázquez

Academic education:

Technical Engineer in Industrial Design

Superior Cycle of Development and project planning of Construction Outline Delineation.


Working experience:

draughtswoman; Estudio de Arquitectos Taboada

Waitress; Restaurant, Port Aventura. Tarragona.

saleslady; Zapatería Shoes Piel.


Amalia Vidal Ramos


Academic Education:

- Technologic High School IES Marqués de Suanzes, 2004-2006

- Technical Engineer of Industrial Design, 2007-2011

- Curretly studying Industrial Design Engineer and Product Development.


Laura Varela Silvestre

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